Sunday, December 16, 2018


It is possible today to open any journal of analysis and opinion and find someone arguing that due to climate change and other pressing matters, it will be necessary to move from agriculture, especially any animal based protein, to factory production of the necessary foodstuffs by means of a substrate of material(perhaps soy or corn, but maybe petroleum if necessary) which can be acted upon by microbes which we will invent for the purpose, producing something to satisfy perhaps the physical appetite, but never the soul. The rationale given is the need to allay climate change, caused mainly in this view by those nasty methane emitting cows. Yesterday’s nasty methane emitting bison in their millions never seem to show up in these discussions. Thus we have proposed for us the complete control of the food for all the people by perhaps one or two corporations holding a fistful of patents, taking the unpredictability of human life and creativity of human thought completely out of it. This is totalitarian in a way that communism or Nazism could only hope to be. Stalin and Hitler and Mussolini would wet their pants over the very idea.
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