Thursday, January 3, 2013

snow covered

Once again this winter, the fields are snow covered. Our first snow fall was seventeen inches before Christmas, followed by several more 2-3 inch events. The pheasants are coming close to the buildings again to find spilled feed, as the crusted snow cover makes foraging difficult for them. Snowy winters are not necessarily easy for us either, as the stuff must be moved before any of the necessary machine work can be done. Since the alternative to snow cover is often blowing dirt out here on the over tilled prairie though, we make the best of it, appreciating the white beauty and its invitation to restfulness. As I write this, the natural year, which started toward summer on December 21st is beginning to exert itself, with several extra minutes of sunshine every day. We hope your Christmas celebration was every thing you wanted it to be, and wish you well for the remainder of the winter. Stay warm. Jim