Saturday, December 26, 2015


It was my pleasure and privilege this morning after Christmas to step out into the unspoiled snow blanket covering the yard.  Only the overexcited dog skittering ahead marred the scene.  My feet soon found the ruts left there by tractor use in the overly warm December and I slowed down into old man gear, afraid of a broken leg or nose or worse.  It wasn't always like this.  I used to tell my wife that I made my living by bouncing up off the ground after falling.  She reminds me that this is beginning not to be an option, which I of course do not want to hear.

It is also true that back when I could bounce I did not properly appreciate all that the natural world constantly laid at my feet.  Then I would have been full of the need to get the snow bucket on the tractor, and push it all into piles, after which the livestock would mostly need bedding,  providing me with a long day's work.  This is all still true, but I have come to the time when I can put things in their proper order.  First awe and wonder and the awakening of the inner child.  Then work. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

ready for winter

Four inches of snow on the ground this December 1st and more on the way.  Time to finish buttoning up for winter.  Andy brought twelve big straw bales up and stacked them to close up the ends of the finishing hoops against the northwest wind.  Jacob and I moved the boars out to dirt and rebedded the sows.  We hope for a little mild weather yet so we can clean and rebed before putting the big gates on the west end.  Josh cleaned the outside drinker area near the old pole shed before it froze us out until spring.  Now to enjoy the new snow for what it is.  And it is beautiful indeed where it hangs in the lilac bushes reflecting LeeAnn's early Christmas lights.  There is something wonderful about clean white snow under a full moon in early winter.