Thursday, May 24, 2012


Rain again last night. We have had perhaps five plus inches of rain over the last two weeks, all of it coming as showers of an inch or so. We are beginning to discover the farm's wet seams again. As we resume spring field work after each shower, we discover that dry on the surface does not necessarily mean good footing for the equipment. When it was so dry earlier this spring and the last half of last season, the entire farm was more like a road and we could walk or drive anywhere. Not so now. The cattle are enjoying the rain driven grass growth and are now midway of their second rotation across the pastures. The sows like it too, the group on pasture often must be brought home to eat its daily grain ration. Next on the agenda is the building of the new lane which will give the other sow group access to the other half of the pasture and make the cattle rotation easier to operate. That will commence as soon as it is dry enough to drill the post holes. Things are exciting here. The sow facility we worked last year to build is performing above expectations. The sows are comfortable with it and so are we. It enables calm and careful handling and feeding, while facilitating maximum value from the pastures that surround it. And we are thinking about and planning for the next big event, which is the building of a new farrowing facility later this summer. Will keep you posted. Take care. Jim