Tuesday, October 28, 2014

clean food

A dozen or more gmo labeling efforts are gaining steam in cities and states across the nation a week before the election.  Huge amounts of corporate cash are being used against them, as the food giants who have been piggybacking on the farmers' good name are fearful of losing their gravy train.  From the farmer angle there is news:  Our seed dealer tells us to get corn seed early for next year because a certain number of more conventional farms are buying up the supply, seeing no reason to pay exorbitant prices for "patented" seed that will result in a corn crop that sells for just three dollars.  And,  a well established local concern selling meat to those careful of what they eat is seeking funds to build a gmo free feed mill.  It seems as if some "voting" is happening ahead of the election!


Thursday, October 2, 2014


Once again we are midway through fall wondering about the maturity of the corn.  Part of the difficulty is that we have given up corn drying on the grounds that the equipment is too expensive, so is the fuel and it is hard on the environment.  But when the heating degree days are short in number as this year, we sometimes hold our breath hoping the crop matures enough to keep.

On the plus side, the pastures have been ahead of the cattle all season due to the frequent rains and the reduced cattle numbers.  Also, the hay is in surplus and high in quality.  We will have a chance to push the sow herd on forages and see how far we can back up on their grain ration.

All this is about bringing the farm and its production into line with a changing climate.