Friday, July 27, 2012


Heat and drought in the midwest is in the news. Southwestern states have been in drought for some years now and it has crept ever closer. Here at Pastures A Plenty, we have so far gotten very timely if somewhat small rains, and of course, we started the summer with ample rainfall, so we are alright for the time being. The pastures look good again after last week's rain. But the corn and soybeans that go into feeding the hogs for our business are a national market and the prices respond to national conditions. Since we cannot grow more than half the feed required by our hog herd, the prices will very much affect our business. About one half the cost of raising a Pastures A Plenty hog, with our housing and management, go into feeds. We will keep you posted in advance of price changes we need to make as we go into these troubled agricultural times. Much change is in the air and it is best we go forward together. Thank you for your support and faith in us and we will be in touch.